Virtual Designer Jack Jackson

Do you need Virtual Home Design Services? Working with the experience of STUDIO ELEVEN will allow you to flow effortlessly through the design process.

Studio Eleven’s success in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is built on far more than technical expertise. It’s built on the collaborative, hands-on approach we take with every client.

When clients can better visualize the plan for the project, they’re able to make confident, informed decisions. We continually adjust models early in the process to respond to clients’ needs. With this early, interactive planning, projects run smoothly and stay on schedule.

Our expertise, technology, and collaborative processes in VDC bring value to every project. High quality planning – planning that is based on technical expertise and solid communication – facilitates projects that exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Studio Eleven’s VDC department is instrumental in guaranteeing a well-planned project, from outlining our proposed logistics plan to full Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination of trade contractors.

Our VDC professionals create value through:

virtual walk-throughs and visualizations of the construction process empower clients to make informed decisions.

identifying potential obstacles and consistently fine-tune models to find the best value solutions.

powerful 3D and 4D visualization tools that facilitate communication with the client and stakeholders and can be used as a valuable marketing tool.

enhancing communication with trade contractors working with Benchmark. The “road map” keeps projects on schedule and minimizes costly and time-consuming change orders during construction.

A successful project begins with high-quality planning. The expertise and technology of our VDC services in combination with our collaborative approach is the foundation for planning that supports client’s goals every step of the way.



This could be the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

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